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People ask me all the time - what computer should I buy? Having worked on so many computers; I think some people believe I have a secret that will make a difference. The truth is, personal computers have become a commodity product like - pens. Someone may talk about the easy flow of ink or the styling of this pen over that pen; but, if all you are concerned about is the pen leaves a readable trace - then price is all that remains. In that regards- my response to the question of what computer to buy; boils down to: are you lucky with tools or toys you buy? Do the things you buy tend to break or always trouble you? If so, the same will probably be true with your computer. In which case; buy a major brand with a good warranty. (more on warranties later) If on the other hand, you feel like your tools and toys tend to always work well for you; then you will probably do just as well with your computer, and any low cost machine at Costco or any wholesaler will work for you. Now that I have evaded the question. I will tell you what I buy and why. This is just my opinion, and I have no business relationship with any company referenced to directly or indirectly.

I buy Dells. Both new and used directly from Dell on line. I prefer laptops (which now outsell desktops) because I travel and use my computer with my digital photography, so I can watch movies; and since I have a international ISP provider, I have internet access everywhere. All Dells come with atleast a one year warranty and you can get service within 24 hours even in a hotel in the state or country you are visiting. My Dells, have never been broken and never needed service. But, as a former provider of service, I can tell you that I would have been dispatched to your location no matter how remote or temporary your stay if you were in my territory.

By the way. Buying a Dell refurbished computer direct from Dell's Outlet is every bit as good as buying a new Dell. In fact you get the same warranty and service plus whatever software is preloaded on the machine. As the former service provider, I can tell you; that you get, the same service support regardless of new or used from Dell.