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So what does it cost to have Webtek do onsite repair of your broken computer? I am glad you asked. Because while the price is fixed; just having a broken computer does not mean Webtek is for you. Webtek will be more than happy to listen to your system problems and discuss the appropriateness of repair. Webtek Works is more concerned with not wasting your time or ours by responding to all calls. Webtek Works is a knowledge provider and prefers working with clients that have user problems than broken hardware. Why? Laptops need special parts. I do not have the parts and do not want to work with manufacturers to get the parts for you. Desktops except for motherboards, can generally be repaired by owners just by going to the electronics section of a store and buying the part. Something you can do for less thean a visit by Webtek Works.

Webtek charges $75.00 for the first hour at a customers site within 30 miles of Kalispell. Subsequent hours are billed at $30.00. Webtek specializes in reinstalling the operating system or drivers for peripherals all the while instructing the customer in the technique. I know families whose teenagers get the machine infected with viruses a couple of times a year. They take the machine in to a local shop and pay a sum for cleaning the machine up. Webtek Works prefers to show customers how to take care of their own machines so that you do not have to pay over and over again for routine housekeeping chores of the computer.

One of the things I discovered while doing warranty repair of computers, was aproximately half the machines I was sent to replace parts on - were not physically broken. The drivers or operating system was corrupt - and thus the machine did not work right. To repair or not is a price tradeoff. Webtek would rather not put a client in the position of realizing they could have bought a new machine for approximately what they put into repair. So do not just assume you can call and have Webtek come over. Be prepared to discuss what is going on in detail; so a determination if an onsite call is worthwhile. In a world where a new computer can be purchased for $600.00- it is important to look at the cost of a repair versus a new machine.