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So - why did I add photography to my web pages?  Several reasons.   First and foremost - I like photography!

I enjoy looking at pictures and sharing pictures with others.   Also photography and web pages go together like soup and sandwiches. For example the spinning globe is nothing more than a series of globe shots rotated in place in short order.   Also the crawling spider is nothing more than an amateur attempt at stop motion photography applied to the web.   I went out and bought a toy spider and moved its legs and shot the pic again and again, and so on.   Then I just use time to select the pic to be displayed.   All of the above is done in HTML or Javascript.  Also if a client likes one of my pics and wants it in their web pages - it gives them a catalog to select from.   By the way, anyone is welcome to use any of the pics in my photography section for Personal Use; as long as they follow the copyright rules listed below and do not use them for commercial or profit purposes without my consent.

I use one of three cameras to take the pictures you see on these pages.

1.   HP Photosmart 720 for the skiing pictures.   I like it; because, it fits in my ski jacket pocket.   It is small, lightweight, shoots 25 pics in 3.3 megapixal mode and also has a nice AVI movie mode.   It is a nice camera to risk in the hostile environment that moisture offers and ruggedly built to withstand the blows caused by my falling down all the time.   I use this camera when ever there is risk of damage to the camera in the activity I am shooting.

2.   Konica Minolta A2 for all other pictures except underwater.   It is a digital 8 megapixal camera that I have used in deserts and mountain tops.   It has never failed me and I just love the ease of use and the picture quality.

3.  I have two Nikonos III's that I have had for close to 30 years.   All the underwater pictures are shot with these.   I have Oceanic 2000 strobes as well as a SEA and Sea Yellow Sub YS-300TTL.

While I am not a professional photographer, I am available if someone wanted to risk missing out on truly great pics by a professional.