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What do Webtek Pages Cost?

If you called the phone company and asked - how much does a yellow page ad costs? You will be met with questions. Do you want a single line, a 1/4 page or even more? How many colors? What size type? In short - sometimes there are no easy answers. At Webtek web page pricing should be standardize so that clients know they are getting a fair deal. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that yet. When I do, this page will be updated to show that pricing.

For now, the cheapest index page (home page) Webtek will do is.... $300.00. This assumes no menu sytem, all text and pictures to be provided by client, no JavaScript or dynamic activity on the page. This is for a single page with links to other sites included. The most expensive page Webtek will undertake will be billed at $700.00 for a page with a menu sytem and some activity in JavaScript or language of your choice. The index page is the most expensive as it takes more work to create and test. After the index page is created - it can be copied onto subsequent pages and yield a cost savings for the client who needs more pages. The more information, pictures, artwork or content the client provides the less time and work Webtek has to work on the pages and pricing for subsequent pages will be cheaper. Webtek's base price for subsequent pages will be $200.00 per page with a quantity discount to be worked out with the client based on content. A more creative and active page akin to the index page will be no more than the index page pricing of $700.00.

     If you already have pages that need updating or a JavaScript animation to give them alittle more appeal an hour or two may be cheaper. Remember these are Webtek's fees. This does not include name registration, web hosting or fees for Webtek or anyone else to provide photography or artwork to the pages.

Feel free to call and talk about your needs. I want to help you with the cheapest yet most effective pages possible. The more you know what you want; and the more you provide, the cheaper your page request will be.