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Search Engine Optimization is another feature a web consumer needs to be aware of. All the search engine companies want information on pages and even accept fees to prioritize the page listings. The web pages have certain places where keywords and titles can be accessed by the seach companies. The seach engines use tools they call robots or crawlers to search the web and find pages that are not already listed with them. These tools run all the time. However, it can take months before they start listing new pages as the tools take time to make the rounds and the company needs to check the pages for content within their guidelines.



According to Janco Associates - as of January 2006; the following is the break down on browser usage:

Internet Explorer          82.8%

Firefox                        12.6%

Netscape                       2.3%

None of the other browsers out there even have 1% of the market. This information is important as pages that only work with Internet Explorer would only be available to approximately 83% of the market. Firefox is growing and pages written to conform with ECMA-262 work with all of the above browsers allowing maximum penetration of browser markets.