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         Web pages,  PC maintenance and Technology support is our business.
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Lunarpages.com Web Hosting

Tools of the Trade

Web page developers; like other businesses, have overhead expenses. A web developer needs computers, internet access, development software and specialized knowledge in things like HTML, CSS, Browsers and languages such as: Javascript. Not to mention the tools to compress images, create animation, and upload and download files with the hosting service. And then there is the less definable. The presentation of the web page. When looking for a web page developer the above tools and abilities are the things that you the consumer should consider.

Webtek Works

Webtek Works is a virtual company with the ability to assist clients at many levels. A virtual company can provide web pages to local clients or clients far away. Web pages can be created, posted to the web and reviewed for comments and admendments prior to release. Webtek Works own web pages are created with Macromedia's Studio 8 . These pages are written in HTML, CSS and Javascript and tested on the latest releases of Netscape, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Webtek and Lunarpages

You have no doubt noticed the "lunarpages" advertisements on Webtek's pages. That is because Webtek is an affliate or representitive of their service. I feel they are an incredible deal for clients. That does not mean a client must use lunarpages or can't request another host provider. It just means I am a user of their service, I have clients who are satisfied with their service and the value they provide is hard to approach or beat. If you already are hosted on another service (and see the costs advantages and want to switch) they offer incentitives to switch.